More About Painswick Chapel

The dream

Some friends had a dream to create a special place for people to meet to explore their own spiritual evolution, without boundaries, judgement or labels.  A sacred space for ‘being’, for everyone – together.  So, when Mel saw The Chapel was available to be brought back to ‘life’ they decided to give it a whirl.  To create, on a small scale, the very place the friends hoped people might need.  Just a ‘space’…

So, from this group of wonderful people who had come together to support this idea, the Chapel was brought into being.  This group of friends, from a wide variety of beliefs and spiritual practices, came together to excavate what sat at the centre of all our learning and spiritual wanderings.  And what sat at the centre of all we did, within the centre of our hearts, was the light of connection to that which ‘Is’, wrapped within the unifying vibration of love.  This light and love are beyond the clumsy description found here, but are the catalyst for lives transformed and lived in peace and love.  Those who came together wanted to share this understanding with anyone who was curious enough to listen.

This commonality brought togetherness, where previously had been separation, barriers and boundaries.  This light and love know no boundaries, have  no exclusions, and has no hierarchy – it just ‘Is’.  So we decided to create a special place where we could all come together, from all beliefs and no beliefs, and all spiritual practices, to acknowledge and grow this light and love – together. 

To just ‘be’. 

Beyond boundaries, beyond separation; together in celebration of this togetherness, with respect, commonality, and love.

It is our dream to see beyond the external, to come together and grow the truth of us which sits within our own hearts and transforms our lives.  Waking up to our potential, and the incredible wonder which is our lives.  We can be our own magnificent truth, no matter who we are, the life we have lived, or what we have done.  We all have the potential to transform and grow – if only we give ourselves the chance.  We all sense our spiritual nature but often do not know how to work with this and grow, changing ourselves and changing the world around us for the better. 

So, the Chapel was born, to provide a non-judgemental, inclusive space for everyone.  A place to find a moment of peace, in order to listen to what sits within our own hearts.  It is only in peace and acceptance that we can truly listen – so the Chapel was created to provide a space for this.

It is also a space for trying things which may help you further connect to your own heart.  There is beauty and wisdom in many things, and the experiences to be offered in the future by the Chapel are simply different beliefs, spiritual practices, or mindfulness opportunities as tasters for further exploration.  No way better than another, just opportunities to discover what may work for you.  The required common principles are that they are experiential opportunities to glimpse the light within our hearts which connects us to that which ‘Is’ and must be from a point of Love – always.

The Chapel is in its infancy and is exploring new ways and old ways of connection.  Some things may fly, some may fail, but until we have the courage to try, we will never know!  And we are open to ideas… Things must always be fluid, or they become stagnant.  So there will always be a coming and going of things to keep the Chapel alive…  We have planted a seed, we will water it, and we will watch to see how it grows…