Our spiritual life is a unique journey to the infinite.  It is like climbing to the top of the hill where we discover our with the infinite, and with all.  But our starting points at the bottom of the hill are different and unique.  The way we experience the infinite, which Mel calls IS-BEING, is unique.  In this book Mel describes her own unique journey and her own unique experience and thus invites everyone to make his or her own unique journey and unique experience of IS-BEING.  It is a very original, creative and inspiring journey and discovery, described with almost humility and love.  I wish and hope that everyone who reads this book may be inspired to take his or her spiritual journey and discover the infinite in a unique way. 

Br. John Martin Sahajananda

President of  Saccidananda Ashram - Tamil Nadu

Author of ‘You are the Light’ (2003), ‘What is truth’ (2013), ‘Fully Human – Fully Divine’ (2014)  and more

A masterful and prophetic revelation of a new spiritual epoch. Whilst religion can provide us with a traditional framework for the spiritual journey, Is-Being takes us beyond the limits of the human mind into an entirely different operating system. This paradigm shift in human consciousness and evolution reveals how the energetic and vibratory resonance of the heart is the doorway into an enlightened presence rooted in pure reality! 

Richard Wiltshire

SALVOS Chaplain

This is a labour of love - literally.  Mel Cross writes with clarity, compassion and refreshing self-honesty, in a structured down-to-earth way …speaking quietly with those now beginning to wake, and with those already living in healingful ways with heart-centred consciousness of ‘that which Is’.  Mel introduces the loving essence and transformative power of true spirituality… with illuminating words seemingly designed to dissolve the endemic egoic fearfulness that causes so much disconnection, division and distortion in our world, and all kinds of self-confining fog. This powerfully gentle stirring piece of writing calls to us to come together as One …in our own quiet ways, you and I.


Jaimie Cahlil

Transpersonal Psychotherapist & Artist

‘Is-Being' is a refreshing take on the 'spiritual' understanding of life which tries to avoid the pitfalls of traditional language and the misunderstandings, conflicts, and problems that different interpretations of meaning can lead us into. This is a book for anyone who wants to go beyond doctrine and theology into a real human understanding of 'what is.' It draws on various aspects of energetic healing and psychology and also the universal perennial wisdom stream that underlies all good spiritual teaching, but defines mostly its own terms rather than using established ones, which gives it a fresh feel.

Revd Don MacGregor
Author of ‘Blue Sky God: The Evolution of Science and Spirituality.’

Mel Cross writes with conviction, passion and clarity of message, but there is no ritual here, no dogma, there isn’t even a god if you don’t want to bring one with you. What you’ll find is an intensely personal spirituality that encourages us to shed the unnecessary and harmful clutter from our individual lives, so we might reconnect with what is most important for us and for the world.


Mark Youd


I feel there is a huge challenge to our contemporary world to find a language which opens the spiritual depths of experience and meaning to those who are seeking such insight. This book does just that, in that the author carefully explores the malaise of meaninglessness and lasting connection using language that remains open and inviting, across culture/religion/age/and experience. It will nourish and encourage the reader into spaces with themselves where the sense of connectedness to all created matter, and indeed to the great ONENESS beyond can be realised. The reader is supported in this inner journey by illustrations which can hold moments of reflection as the experience during reading unfolds. It is a huge canvas, but its insights are incremental and presented to the reader as reminders of the destination to which they are moving.


Monica Butler R.S.M.

Religious Sisters of Mercy

Is-being is a truly thoughtful, special book. The words have been carefully considered and have such depth and compassion behind them. The artwork and poetry throughout the book help to deepen the sense of personal development. It has been wonderful to read and connect to the heart and to inclusivity - what I love the most is it feels very accessible no matter what religion or faith one may have!

Robin Watkins-Davis

Founder of Bliss by Robin and Bliss.Ed – Sharing yoga and empowering young people to improve mental health

Artist – Producer of SHIFT

There are few words that have been more talked about than “Soul” and “Spirit”, yet so little understood. Drawing on her own personal experience, Mel Cross lifts here the veil of confusion to reveal a vivid depiction of our spiritual journey. The clarity of her understanding offers the reader deep insights into the working of the soul. This book represents a most unique guide for any of us to venture further and with renewed confidence onto our path.

Dr Gerald Deshais

Director, The Cotswolds Juice Retreat

Mel’s book is a sparkling true light of how we can all be our true selves and share in each other that which has been in all of us since the beginning of time. To love and be loved. To just be. I couldn’t put the book down and read it cover to cover and reread parts again. I’m very proud and honoured to call Mel my friend - through this book Mel will become your friend too. Through all of us just being - we can achieve anything and everything. Just follow your heart.


John Clifford

IS-BEING – is a book that has changed my life by giving me clarification, confirmation, understanding and the tools to help me on my own path of BEING. This book is beautifully written, and you can feel the honesty, truthfulness and most of all LOVE from the Author. This book is for everyone no matter what belief system you may have, I thoroughly recommend.


Stephen Wiles

Autism Specialist & Spiritual Guide

Wow, when reading this book, it felt like validation.  I felt such a connection, as each time I put the book down and picked it back up, it would validate what I felt was true or what I had just been through.

The book is written for all, as we are all the same yet different.

Our journey is unique, yet the same.  Love and light ‘Is’ the answer.

This has been, and is, what I have always felt.


Charly Holly Jade Tillson

Assistant Team Manager

Learning Disabilities