Chapel Experience

What We Share


Quiet Contemplation

Space to 'be'


Beginning 22nd March - 4.00pm

Fridays and Saturdays

A sacred space to quietly be.  In a busy world we all need time and space to quietly connect to ourselves and to that which 'Is'.  The Chapel provides that peaceful space for meditation, contemplation and prayer during our dedicated quiet reflection days.

Spiritual Discussions

Meet and share

Beginning soon

Watch this space

Chats and thoughts in a friendly and informal setting, where we come to ask spiritual questions and ponder upon possible answers together.  From the timidly curious to the seasoned seeker, all are welcome!  We may not find the answers, but we'll have fun looking for them!

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Events and classes

Explore something new

See Events page (details coming soon)

The Chapel will be offering different taster experiences, or talks, which might help you to connect to your true self and that which 'Is'.  It is often intimidating to go to places of faith or spiritual teaching, so we often miss out on some very beautiful and connecting experiences.  At The Chapel we welcome people to just give it a try, and see if something works for them.  These could be talks or experiences from different beliefs and spiritual practices, or creative workshops.  We are waiting for those who join us here to guide us as to what they might like to try which will help them on their journey.  They can then explore these experiences in more depth in other places.  Perhaps the space will remain as purely a space for contemplation and these events take place at another location.  We shall have to wait and see how things evolve.  All events and classes will keep to The Chapel's core values of helping people to connect to the energy of Love within themselves and in the world, and the importance of keeping the light of that which 'Is' at the centre of all we do.

'Is-Being' - The Spiritual Evolution

Deepening perspectives

Talks and workshops based on the soon to be published book 'Is-Being - The Spiritual Evolution' by Mel Cross, are in the process of being created.  They will cover the fundamental principles and understanding contained in the book.  Deepening your connection to Love, your true self and that which 'Is', through a deeper understanding of energy and the construction of the soul.  Watch this space!