Connecting beyond boundaries

Is-Being – The Spiritual Evolution illuminates the mystery and transformative potential of the evolving soul.  It is a ‘why to’ and ‘how to’ of this beautiful and eternal phenomenon and explains why it is with urgency that we work towards it today.  This evolution has been explored many times before, but this book strips the process back to its bones, so that we can recognise the echoes of it wherever we look, and notice the commonality, rather than the differences, between these explanations. 


The book tries to help the reader to develop an experiential relationship with the Mystery beyond the borders of all faiths and spiritual practices, which so many of us knowingly or unknowingly seek.  It points us towards the Mystery of that which ‘Is’, using the universal language of energy and Love. 

It is for the tentative beginners, the newly awakened and the seasoned travellers of all spiritual, faith and personal journeys; yes, for everyone; including people just like you…


 Is- Being – The Spiritual Evolution provides:


  • A link between religious, spiritual and secular communities. 

  • Explains that the link between them all is love, and the cord of light to that which 'Is'; beyond, and within, any religious definition and spiritual practice. 

  • Explains the energetic construction of the created-self, spirit-self, and soul-self and how this connects to and interacts energetically to All. 

  • Explains how the soul evolves and why this is crucial to the evolution of humanity to create a new and beautiful world through Love.

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